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delayed update of valve status icon

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  • delayed update of valve status icon


    I am running version Pro and Internet Explorer 10. When I manually turn on or off a valve from the HomeSeer status page, the valve does turn on or off as expected. However, the icon does not change status (go from not-twirling and 'off' to twirling and 'on" or vice versa) for as long as 1 minute. If I click the HomeSeer refresh button or click the browser refresh button, it does not update, either. The valve turns on immediately, though, and does show up in the HomeSeer log immediately. I have not had this trouble in past versions of mcsSprinklers/HomeSeer/Internet Explorer.

    What might be causing the status icon not to update immediately?

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    No change has been made in mcsSprinklers related to this. The manual action from HS page results in HS raising an event in mcsSprinklers. mcsSprinklers controls the valve and updates the DeviceString in the same processing thread. I do not know the mechanics of when HS updates the browser page, but it should be picking up whatever mcsSprinklers puts in the DeviceString for the icon.

    To help understand if it is HS DevicesStatus vs. IE cache vs. mcsSprinklers I would first try to do the same thing from the mcsSprinklers General Status page. This will eliminate one variable in the diagnosis. I do not have IE10 for my own evaluation.


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      I have similar problem with RFXCOM plugin since IE automatic upgrade.
      I can turn ON or OFF one time only and have to refresh HS page to bee allowed to change status again.
      I think it's due to IE10.


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        The general status page does not list this valve. The valve is configured as 'none' on the layout setup page; it is not part of any area. All of the other valves that are part of an area are listed on the general status page along with on/off buttons.

        I see the exact same behavior using Safari, so it's not specific to IE.


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          The use of mcsSprinklers to control hardware, but not manage irrigation is not common so I need to look at what the design is for this. Can you expand a little on your mcsSprinklers setup. It is Rain8Net? Does your observed behavior only occur on valves that are not irrigation zones?


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            I am using 2, daisy-chained Rain8Net Pro's via an RS-232 port.

            Yes, this behavior only happens on this one valve that is not part of any area. All of my other valves are part of areas. The status icon updates immediately when I manually turn any valve on/off that is part of an area.


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              I updated to version I am not sure if you made any modifications to fix this, but I still see same behavior where the status page icon does not get updated. The value itself is controlled properly.


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                I updated to version (HS2) and am still experiencing this problem. The status icons update immediately for all valves that are part of an area but not for a valve that is not part of an area. Refreshing/re-starting my browser does not make a difference.

                I emailed you my mcsSprinklers.ini file.


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                  With version, the number of minutes remaining for a valve is always "0" in the HS2 device status page. The number of minutes remaining does show up when viewed from the mcsSprinklers zone status page. This is for a valve that is being automatically controlled.


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                    V2.14.0.10 takes care of the immediate status update when controlled from HS. I did not observe any issue with the status of minutes remaining on either mcsSprinkers General Status or the HS2 Device Status page. In my test I used 5 minute zone and saw the device count down from 5. Just needed to do refresh of the browser page every minute to see the update.

                    I also noticed that when the ON/OFF control is used from the HS status page I had to refresh the page after using either On or Off before I use the button again. In this case HS was not delivering the second button push so nothing that could be done within mcsSprinkers.


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                      The icon update problem appears to be fixed in Thanks!

                      I only saw the issue of status of minutes remaining once. When I tried it again (with version, it worked as expected. It looks fine on, too.

                      Yes, there is some IE browser problem that prevents HS from receiving a second button press without refreshing the screen. I don't believe that has anything to do with mcsSprinklers. I've acquired the habit of refreshing the screen when testing any plug-in...

                      When I re-start HS with version, the log shows:

                      Plug-In Found plug-in: mcsSprinklersP, version:
                      mcsSprinklers Version | V2.14.0.10/ (Professional) Copyright 2004-2014 mcsSolutions Registered with Homeseer

                      I believe this is correct and has something to do with the base license file still being the old number?


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                        It is correct. The portion that manages the license was not updated. Only the portion that has the irrigation logic. Next time the plugin is put in the updater they will be synchronized again.