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HS3 Zone Forced Stop ?

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  • HS3 Zone Forced Stop ?

    Attached are: Run Log, .ini file, and debug file.

    Run Log shows that on 5/25/14, the ET reached trigger and Zones 1-6 should run in order (R1-R6).

    Zone 1 (R1) starts, but 35 minutes later it is forced stopped prematurely. It should run for 40 minutes. Interesting, in that the manual time is set to 35 minutes. After R1 is forced stopped, then R2-R6 run properly.

    This has been an ongoing problem with Zone 1 since I moved to HS3. I suspect I have something misconfigured, but I sure cannot figure out what is different with the way I have Zone1 defined vs the others.

    Could you look at the Debug log and the .ini file and let me know if you can see what I am doing wrong?


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    You have a Remote Page setup for Zone R1 using Device I1. You are receiving a I1 value change shortly after mcsSprinklers commands R1. I1, as a Remote manual input, has priority over auto scheduling and changes the scheduling to run R1 in manual mode. When the zone completes then the schedule results onto the next zone. The software is not smart enough to recognize that the auto time is longer than the manual time. There really are no special logic provisions for resumption of auto control of the same zone following manual control.

    Your action is to deal with I1 by removing it in the Remote setup or by changing its behavior. It appears to be associated with a change in R1.


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      Thanks for your quick reply. What I do not understand is why I1 is affecting anything? The absolutely only thing installed on this HS3 system is the mcsSprinklers plugin. I do not see any way, other than mcsSprinklers itself, that could be affecting I1 -- or any other device.

      From you response, it seems that something is changing I1 that causes the Zone to stop, but there is nothing in the system that I know of that could do anything to I1. All Devices are mcsSprinklers, and there are no events defined.



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        The message in the debug log that I reference is like the one below. It is produced in the HSEvent procedure that is normally invoked by HS3 as a result of Value, String, etc change.

        Commanding I1 to 2, is an Ailias=True,LastChange=5/25/2014 9:17:00 AM, Status=17

        When I return next week I will look at the current source to see if some other path may exist. What I have on my traveling computer is from January. Inn the main HS3 HSPI procedure I do map the current HS3 device/relationships to those that were used in HS2 so in this example it was a call for DC=I1 to Status=ON (2). It recognized I1 was setup on the Remote Page. It reports that the current status is 17 (Unknown) which would be the equivalent of any HS3 value that was not setup in a device/value pair.