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  • Will this work ?

    I notice this plug-in was developed for use with a variety of hardware irrigation interfaces (such as rain8-net, ect)...but I was wondering if this plug-in could be used in my sprinkler set-up, and if so --- How ?

    I know this is going to seem 'cobbled together', but I am working on a budget, so to I had old hardware laying about..and I hate waste.

    My irrigation system (and it works great with ordinary timer commands sent from homeseer) consists of 8 different 12v N/C valves I picked up on Ebay for like $3 apiece.....and I control them with (please don't laugh ) the 12v power supplies from 8 old X10 webcam II's plugged into a power strip. (I have since moved on to IP cameras and I had the old webcams laying about). The power supplies, think what you like...actually work quite well given they are X10 technology.....

    So might the mcsSprinklers plugin be modified to work with my setup ?

    And how ?
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    mcsSprinklers will control HS devices so if you are able to control your relays / power supply via HS then mcsSprinklers will also be able to. In your case I think you just assign the desired X10 device codes as HS devices.