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Soil moisture drops very slowly since recent update

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  • Soil moisture drops very slowly since recent update

    Hi Michael,
    To be honest I'm still getting my head around all the options in mcsSprinklers.
    I have the Standard version and thought I had it set up pretty well. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, since an update, the soil moisture levels seem to hardly budge dropping by only a few % a day, despite hot sunny days and no rain. It used to drop down to 40-60% in one day, but now only drops to 95-96% if that.

    I started reading the PDF manual but soon realised many of the features talked about were for the Pro version, and found it all a little overwhelming.

    Given that I have no actual sensors, and live in New Zealand (which uses metric) what would be the best method to calculate ET and hence soil moisture? Do I use 'computed from UV' or 'computed form radiation'?

    I use a combination of WU and Accu for weather information (see attached). Although it seems Accu is metric (deg C) while WU is not (deg F).

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    HS3 Pro Edition Windows

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