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No Serial Port on HS Box

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  • No Serial Port on HS Box

    Since I don't have a serial port on my HSPro box, I bought an iTach IP2SL device to get the Rain8Net on the network. Can your plugin talk to the Rain8Net device over IP? If not, how do I get this work?

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    mcsSprinklers can talk IP. What most do is install a Windows driver that should have come with your hardware purchase to emulate a COM port over an IP connection.


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      The iTach does not come with such software and is not offered on their website. So will it talk directly to it via IP or do I have to have the software to emulate a COM port?


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        The only plugin that will talk directly via IP is the mcsSprinklers Professional. The GlobalCache site state the following about it:

        All serial data is passed through without interpretation or conversion via an assigned, unique IP port. The
        iTach serial connector is assigned to IP Port 4999.

        It is likely that you can use the Lantronix Redirector to provide COM emulation. If you use mcsSprinklers direct IP then it would be to port 4999. In all cases you still need to configure the port baud rate etc using the utility software provided by GlobalCache or the ITach web page.