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  • My Rain8Net Setup

    I have an irrigation system being installed in a couple weeks. I am supplying the control system (HS2Pro, HS Rain8Net plug-in and Rain8Net 41014 controller).

    This week, I installed an Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather-Resistant Outdoor-Mounted Control Timer Box w/ Cover. I paid $28.60 for this box ( The box has a GFCI duplex AC receptacle in it as well. Pretty nice for the money.

    The 24 VAC transformer that comes with the Rain8Net controller fits inside the box with the door closed.

    I also purchased the Rain Sensor. I mounted the Rain8Net controller in the box and now have it connected to and communicating to Homeseer. I created a series of HS Events to test the controller. A bit of tweaking and all the events worked! Here's what I created so far:

    - All Zones On
    - All Zones Off

    - Zone n On (I created separate events for each of 8 zones)
    - Zone n Off (I created separate events for each of 8 zones)

    - Zone n On for 15 Minutes then Off (I created separate events for each of 8 zones)

    - Zone 1-8 On for 15 Minutes*
    This event contains each of the above 15 minute watering events, in order, with a 15
    minute start delay for zone 2, a 30 minute start delay for zone 3 and so forth

    * I tested this event by changing the nested event On duration to 15 seconds and changing the start delays in 15 second increments. This event tested perfectly!

    Once my irrigation system is installed and tested, I'll work with my landscaper to determine a good initial schedule and I use these tested scripts to create my program.

    I am considering the mscSprinkler plug-in, but I sort of want to try the HS plug-in first as it came with my HSPro purchase. If I want even more control, I will try mcs.

    Does anyone have any tips/suggestions for me as I get closer to using this system?
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    If you are just looking for a timer for irrigation that you can access through your automation system or remote via internet then what you have should satisfy your needs. If you are concerned about the amount of water you use and want to optimize that then mcsSprinklers would be a good next step. Many have mentioned issues with lightning in the midwest so make certain you have a proper install that will protect your equipment from its effects.


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      Very nice set up and great price on the controller box. Yeah I just let the Rainbird sprinkler installation company do is thing and added extra PVC tubing. I put the whole setup in the garage though. I had to purchase two controllers for the 10 zones and my concerns were fitting them inside of the Rainbird controller box.

      I've been using mcsSprinklers for many years. Works for me.

      I am southwest of Chicago if you feel like taking a ride to see a demonstration of Michael's application.

      Curious how you are going to get the wires get from the outside manifold solenoids to the sprinker box?
      - Pete

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