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    Updated the beta to version, this updates the actions/triggers to include the device name. It will also update the zone and program names on startup if they were changed on the RainMachine.

    The GetName() function should now be authenticated meaning no error message about that. That function is used to get the device name which is used in the action/triggers.
    Bob Paauwe
    ISYInsteon Plug-in


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      Great. Thanks! I'm really liking the way this is working.

      Are there functions that could be included in events such as pause all zones and resume all zones. The reason this would be useful for me is that I use some zones to scare away deer. (it's the air squealing out of the heads that does it) I use motion detectors and then light off a zone. If there happens to be another zone on to irrigate, it would have to be turned off before lighting off the zone to scare the deer away. I was doing this before with my old system.


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        I'm having problems with the plug-in. Does the name of the second instance have to be the name given to the HD RainMachine unit?

        I see this error:
        RainMachine Error The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. while reading blah