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    I would like to be able to pause a running program for a set time that would stop all watering but allow manual zone operation while the program is paused and then to unpause the program before it times out.

    I saw this on the RM web site in their list of revisions: "Updated API to 4.6 version to reflect the new API calls like Pause." With this API call it looks like it might be possible to pause a program, but I don't know if it would be possible to manually turn on and off a zone while it's paused, but it's a place to start.

    Since I am running two RMs, I would want to be able to pause and unpause either one in an event.

    There are a couple of reasons I want to do this. One is to pause watering if the wind reaches a threshold. The other is start a particular zone to scare deer away. To scare deer away, I have several motion detectors around to activate particular zones. The problem is that only one zone can be on at a time so there needs to be a way to kill any active zone first and then light off the motion triggered zone for a short time (15 secs) and then resume the active zone.

    Another related action that would be desirable to have in addition to a pause is a Stop All action which would stop the running program.

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    Pause has been on the RM roadmap for a while now. Looking at the actual change log for 4.6 shows.
    - Added Pause feature that allows to temporarily pause watering for a certain amount. This is currently only usable from Web UI and it will pause for a predefined 30 minutes.
    So nothing yet in the API so that this can be used by third parties. I looked through the API docs again and don't see anything related to pause in there. Right now, it looks like all I can do is stop programs/zones but without any way to resume.

    I'll look into implementing a stop all command that will stop any currently running program.
    Bob Paauwe
    ISYInsteon Plug-in


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      That's interesting. Seems a little different from what I heard from Nicholas yesterday.

      I am waiting for Nicholas of RM to get back to me with some test results. See the the thread of messages below.
      From noopara to Nicholas:
      I have a question regarding the API command to stop watering. If the command is sent to stop watering, is it then possible after that to turn on and off a zone? I have been using several zones to scare off deer using strategically placed motion detectors. I use HomeSeer (home automation software) to manage this. It detects the motion and can turn RM zones on an off. The problem is that I need to turn off any zone that might be running at the time a deer is detected. All of my zones are self draining zone. When a deer is detected and a zone valve is opened the rush of water causes air to escape and make a squealing sound which is what scares the deer off. It has worked great for over 15 years now. I need to get it to work with RM. So, to do this, I need to be able to suspend any running zone for a short time before the motion triggered zone turns on and then resume the irrigation program. Can this be done with RM?

      Nicholas answered this on 2/7, yesterday Yes I think so, I would just use the API to issue a PAUSE command then start a zone via API (manual starting is allowed during PAUSE as far as I know) then set PAUSE to off. I will have to try it and get back to you with an example.


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        I've worked with Nicholas before so if you want to pull me into the thread maybe he can provide the API documentation to use Pause as I don't see it currently documented. Or maybe I'm just missing it. Once I know how the pause API works, it's should be easy to add.

        Bob Paauwe
        ISYInsteon Plug-in


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          I got an answer from Nicholas and it isn't what I was hoping for "because during PAUSE RainMachine won't allow new zones to be scheduled even manually"

          Here's a link to the conversation:

          Feel free to join in.

          -- greg