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RainMachine~!~GetName failed

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  • RainMachine~!~GetName failed

    I am getting this error when HS3 boots up when it is trying to authenticate my RM HD12 but not with the HD16. Everything looks like it is set right.

    What should I look for? (I'm running

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    I think I solved the problem. I changed the name of both the RMs using the browser interface several weeks ago. I think that's when the problem started. Yesterday, I looked at your plug-ins ini file and noticed that the second unit (UnitNumber=1) had the old name so I changed it to the new name. After rebooting HS3 I didn't get the error and both of them initialized. Looks like I am good to go.


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      Hmm, I wouldn't have thought that changing the name could cause that error. I'll take a look at it and fix the plug-in so that's not an issue.

      Thanks for reporting it and determining the likely cause!
      Bob Paauwe
      ISYInsteon Plug-in