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Running a Program from HS - The syringe program problem

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  • Running a Program from HS - The syringe program problem

    I created a test Program to run one zone for 20 seconds. The Program is set to not active so it won't run to a schedule. On the RM Program page if I click on the grayed out run button, it will run the zone for 20 seconds. Running the test program device in the plug-in however will not run the test program but it does show that it ran today when I ran it from the RM remote access page. So, I assume that the way you have it configured is that the program devices are just for status information and not for starting or stopping the program. Currently, you have the control feature for starting a program for a number of seconds, but it is not functional, so you must have originally considered doing this but didn't get around to doing the coding for it.

    The syringe program that I would like to create will have to be set to not active because RM doesn't provide a way for a program that is set to active to not have a schedule. The idea is to run the syringe program when the temperature gets above a threshold at some time in the late afternoon. Around here the hottest time of day is usually around 1600 so I would run the program then if the temperature is above the threshold. I know you said this is on the to-do list, I just wanted to clarify the need.