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Does this work on 1st gen HD Touch 12?

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  • Does this work on 1st gen HD Touch 12?

    I have a 1st gen HD touch 12 RainMachine and I can't seem to get the plugin to connect to it, wondering if my unit isn't supported?

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    never mind - got it working now


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      It should work. I have a 1st gen also and it works, but not all the functions are available on the 1st gen devices.

      The URL that you use to connect is different between the 1st gen and later so make sure that's correct. It should be the IP address of the rainmachine ':' 443. So form mine I have

      Is there anything in the log to indicate why it's not connecting? If not, you can try switching on developer mode (the checkbox at the top of the Manage Plug-in's page. If that's checked when you start the plug-in, it will open a cmd window with more log information.
      Bob Paauwe
      ISYInsteon Plug-in