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Support for WGL sensor inputs?

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    Support for WGL sensor inputs?

    The WGL units have a number of useful features that would be very helpful in RainRelay8 (in descending order of importance). Are any of these planned or available through a scripting call?

    1) Create 2 new device codes per WGL device (RainSensor and FlowCounter)

    2) Set HS device based on rain sensor status (important)
    To WGL device: [50h] [unit#] [EFh]
    Fr WGL device:
    no response = leave HS rain sensor device code unchanged
    [50h] [EF] [00/64] set HS rain sensor device code to On/Off
    (00 is "closed", the normal rain sensor setting for "OK to Water")

    3) Read Flow Counter:
    To WGL device: [50h] [unit#] [E0h]
    Fr WGL device:
    No Response = leave HS flow counter device unchanged
    [50h] [nn nn] = set HS flowcounter device to 32 bit value

    4) Reset Flow Counter
    To device: [50h] [unit#] [E0h]
    (Follow this by "read flow counter" to update HS device value)

    5) Useful but not as important are the "all off" commands, which can be done manually.

    6) Also useful but available through the config command would be to have the "Poll Devices" HS command issue a WGL Status request. This might minimize the need for polling in the configuration, although once sensors are enabled periodic polling becomes necessary anyway.

    I too would love to see the features mentioned above!