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RainRelay 8 via USB

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    RainRelay 8 via USB

    I am moving to a PC without a serial port and as wondering if there is an easy and reliable way to use a USB port. I don't want to install a serial card.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    There are good USB/Serial interfaces. Edgeport is good brand. In general you are looking for units that use the FTDI chipset because software support is better for it and that is really what distinguishes one unit from the next. Prolific chips are usually used on the low end units. If the chipset is not disclosed then I would stay away because of the software support issue.

    A more flexible solution will be a IP/Serial adapter. Most use a COM redirector / virtual port driver so if you go this route then again look for the software driver support. Pay particular attention to x64 drivers if you are running 64 bit PC. Some applications will write directly to the IP device. For this situation make certain the IP/Serial adapter has a mode that is raw byte for byte communication. Some lower end ones impose a proprietary protocol used by their bundled software.


      I'll take your suggestion about a USB/Serial Converter. My system is Win 7 64 bit. What do you think of the "Digi 301-1001-15 Egdeport/1 USB to Serial Converter with 2-Meter Captive Cable"

      or the "Edgeport/2 USB To 2port Rs232 Serial" for 2 serial ports

      If you think they will work I'll order and let you know.




        I do not have personal experience with this unit, but the prior products have been very good and the company has been around for awhile so I would consider this to be a good choice. It is a premium price point, but it should work well without concern.