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Rain8Net HS3 can't config

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    Rain8Net HS3 can't config

    I am not getting anywhere with making Rain8Net work on HS3. What I have now is a master controller set up with one controller (slave) attached to it. it worked fine with HS2.

    I looked in the documentation, but found it woefully wanting, so here are a bunch of stupid questions:

    1. What's the order of operation for making hardware work on HS3 when it was working for HS2? Ie, do I use "unit address assignment" or "settings" or both?in what succession?

    2. Do I need to disconnect all but the master controller when configuring the plugin with hardware that was working under HS2?

    3. in "assign unit address number" do I start w/1 as Master, and so on, or is it "0"? Do I only do that for new hardware, or all, even what has been set up before?


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