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Flow meter not recognized

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  • Flow meter not recognized

    I have installed a Fortrezz flow meter in my system. The Z-wave install went well and 8 elements were created. There is communication between Homeseer and the flow meter: I am getting water usage, temperature, and other readings in the "Fortrezz Multilevel Sensor" device. There are no errors in the log, neither during installation nor afterwards.

    I also have UltraFlowMeter3 installed. The only errors were related to missing png files (sort_desc.png & sort_both.png). The only problem is UltraFlowMter3 does not recognize the Fortrezz flow meter as there is no entry in the devices tab for the flow meter.The "Flow Meter Plugin" device is Enabled.

    I have tried the usual - reloading UltraFlowMeter3; deleting, resetting, & reinstalling the flow meter in Z-wave; restarting Homeseer; and rebooting the computer.. Nothing seems to work. And there are never any error messages in the log other than the missing png files.

    Any ideas?

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    Further details: I turned the logging to debug. I can see the system going into the FindFlowmeters() function repeatedly without any result. Also this is a dual-homed system if that makes any difference. (It sure did with HS3!)


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      Found the problem. Should have looked at the earlier posts more thoroughly. Type was Z-wave water meter rather than z-wave gallons.