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OAuth errors?

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  • OAuth errors?

    Any ideas why the Rachio plugin would start putting errors like this in the log?

    I've done nothing to change anything on the Rachio side of things.
    Dec-01 10:13:10 AM Plug-In Finished initializing plug-in UltraRachio3
    Dec-01 10:13:10 AM Starting Plug-In UltraRachio3 loaded in 1818 milliseconds
    Dec-01 10:13:10 AM Error Unable to retrieve the id for the person entity currently logged in through OAuth because the API Access Token has not been provided in the plug-in options.
    Dec-01 10:13:10 AM Starting Plug-In Plugin UltraRachio3 started successfully in 1293 milliseconds
    Dec-01 10:13:08 AM Starting Plug-In Initializing plugin UltraRachio3 ...
    Dec-01 10:13:08 AM Info Plugin UltraRachio3 has connected. IP:

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    Did your HomeSeer system experience a power outage resulting in an unexpected shutdown?
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      The solution was to get a new API key and load it into the plug-in. For some reason the config entry for the plug-in was empty.

      So, a suggestion, maybe include something in the log report that at least indicates what plug-in issued the entry?


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        Originally posted by Ultrajones View Post
        Did your HomeSeer system experience a power outage resulting in an unexpected shutdown?
        No, it's been on a USB-attached APC UPS for it's entire operating time. There were some hiccups a few months ago when an update didn't 'take' properly but all other plug-ins seemed to have come through it without issue.

        I haven't made much effort to control the Rachio with this plug-in, as their own system has handled things pretty well. So I didn't have any automated events set up that would have made the problem more immediately obvious. HS3 proves reliable enough that I don't usually find myself checking the logs all that often.