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  • Weather Update Question

    Just added the UltraRachio3 Plug-in, started the trial period. App looks very promising but not sure if it will do what I am looking for. I am primarily trying to tap into the Weather information from my Rachio controller. The API count is clicking off like it should at the 1-minute rate, but he devices under the “Current Weather Root,” such as current temp are not updating. I have been up for about 24 hours and it might have updated twice in that period. Does anyone know what to refresh rate should be? Thanks

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    I too am interested. I care less about using the plug in to control irrigation schedules through homeseer. More interested in the data received for weather updates, rain schedules, for triggering rain and temperature related events.


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      Tested for a few days, could not get it to work, plugin does not update accurately, but the API counts off normally, switched to WeatherXML which updates perfectly at the normal hourly interval. I was mostly interested in current weather, so discontinued testing with UltraRachio3. Switching to WeatherXML for weather triggers.


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        The Rachio weather data is not updated very often. Don't try using it as a replacement for a Weather plug-in.
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          Thanks for the clarification...