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UltraRachio3 HSPI for HomeSeer3

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    UltraRachio3 HSPI for HomeSeer3

    UltraRachio3 is a HomeSeer3 plug-in that allows you to use HomeSeer to control the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.

    The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller includes Weather Intelligence, smarter watering and integrates with many top tier home automation systems including HomeSeer. Integration with HomeSeer allows for expanded functionality not available using the Rachio mobile application.

    How It Works
    • UltraRachio3 HSPI queries the Rachio API servers to obtain data from your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller and updates HomeSeer with the latest status for each controller and enabled sprinkler zones.
    • UltraRachio3 HPSI automatically creates HomeSeer devices which allows home automation control your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.

    Main Features
    • Multiple threading allows UltraRachio3 to query the Rachio API servers for controller configuration and weather data without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.
    • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.


    Change Log

    Version 3.0.6049.18697 - Released July 24, 2016
    • Modified plug-in to suppress Rachio API query failures. Debug mode will still log details from any query failures.

    Version 3.0.6104.19146 - Released Sept 17, 2016
    • Fixed rain delay device not resetting to 0
    • Fixed rain probability calculation percentage.
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 3.0.6660.35733 - Released March 27, 2018
    • Updated the plug-in to honor the newly published Rachio API query limits.<br>
      Note: Previous UltraRachio3 versions are polling the Rachio API service in violation of their newly published API query limits. If you set the update interval to once per minute (the default), then approximately 1,488 API queries will be consumed just to keep the HomeSeer devices up to date. This leaves 212 additional queries every 24 hours. Every time you send a command, it requires 1 for the command and up to 2 additional status queries (depending on the command). This means you have about 70 Rachio commands you can send per day (e.g. Zone On/Off, Schedule On/Off, Online/Offline, etc.) which shouldn't be an issue for most users.

    Version 3.0.6742.17939 - Released June 17, 2018
    • Fixed remaining issues associated with the latest Rachio API changes.
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