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OpenSprinkler control plugin available for download

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  • OpenSprinkler control plugin available for download

    EDIT: This post contains the download for the HS2 version of the plugin. The HS3 version is available in another thread.

    I've just released a free plugin that allows control of the OpenSprinkler open source sprinkler controller.

    • Simple install. One DLL and one INI file
    • Controls one OpenSprinkler controller with up to 88 valves total with expansion modules
    • Uses standard HomeSeer devices for control
    • Supports polling
    • Controller device reports status (Idle, Watering, Not Responding)
    • Supports watchdog timer so that valves do not stay open if HomeSeer crashes

    Support is available through this forum. Enjoy!

    Update 2/5/2013
    Version 1.1 now supports newer firmware versions that use the new javascript-based interface.

    Plugin and documentation are attached to this post.
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