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D-Link DBT-900AP

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    D-Link DBT-900AP

    Hi Stipus,

    Do you know if I could use a D-Link DBT-900AP (BT Access Point) to extend the range of my Bluetooth network? How do you setup remote Bluetooth networks (i.e to use an Access Point or another USB BT adaptor in a remote Laptop) via the Homeseer interface. Under "Bluetooth Networks Configuration" I can't see an option to add a remote bluetooth network??

    Cheers Paul


    I used one of these for a while (fatally flawed firmware, btw...)

    It is a very simple device and provides a primitive bridge between bluetooth and ethernet... and thats it.

    Works well enough though... and they are cheap for connecting your mobile phone to the web while at home!

    It will extend your bluetooth reception... but HS wont see any of that.... assuming that was your goal.



      DJ, Many thanks for your detailed reply...

      If you say that HS, or at least the HS BT plugin, can't get device signal information from the BT AP then does that mean the only method to extend the BT signal range, for use with the HS BT plugin, is to use additional PC's around the house (rather than AP's)? and I'm still not sure how the additional PC's report back to the HS system???? or am I completely mis-understanding something here...