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Choke and die...

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    Choke and die...

    I installed the plugin after configuring the computer for my Hawking Tech bluetooth adapter using a Widcomm stack. The hardware installation went without any problems.

    I restarted the computer, got into the setup page and enabled the BT Connecter. It reports "Interface OK".

    I then clicked on "config". Another screen came up, telling me to please wait, and then a "Runtime Error" page came up. I don't know what this means, but I wasn't able to post it in this message because it had code in it that gets misinterpreted. I have attached the code to this as a text file.
    Attached Files

    The plugin configuration pages are ASP .Net pages.
    It seems there is a problem with your setup. The error message you attached is a generic message saying that current configuration does not allow you to see the real error message...

    Which version of the plugin are you running ?
    Which version of HomeSeer ?