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    Bluetooth Connector posted

    Here is a new version of the Bluetooth Connector plugin for HomeSeer 2.1 and 2.2beta:

    Change Log:

    - New BlueTooth Client (to send BlueTooth connection information and signal strength from a remote computer)
    - New version of the Bluetooth support dlls (1.20b)
    - New Interface Status page in the Web Configuration Interface (You can enable or disable debug mode from this page).

    BlueTooth Client:

    The Bluetooth Client has to be installed on a computer with the HomeSeer Speaker Client and a Bluetooth dongle. Copy the following files from your HomeSeer computer to the computer where you have the Speaker Client installed (all these files should be in the HomeSeer 2 directory)

    - BlueTools.dll
    - BlueToolsMS.dll
    - BlueToolsWC.dll
    - BlueToolsWC150.dll
    - Franson.BlueTools.200.dll
    - hspi_bt.dll
    - BlueToothClient.exe

    You can install several BlueTooth clients. Here I tested with 2 BlueTooth Clients + the main plugin, and with 3 long range dongles (Widcomm stack), the plugin can successfully triangulate an approximate position in the house. As signal strength is not reported by the Microsoft stack, you must use the Widcomm stack for this feature.

    The Bluetooth client is still a beta version. You cannot run the BlueTooth client on the same server as you are running the BlueTooth plugin, as the plugin is already in charge of the local Bluetooth dongle. If HomeSeer is shutdown, the client won't reconnect automatically, and device discovery at the client is not coded yet. You still have to discover the devices with the dongle attached to the HS Server.

    Known issues with the plugin:

    - If you configure AutoDiscovery on a Bluetooth Network with the Widcomm stack, and you configure the ConnectService or DiscoverService on a device, the plugin may take 20 seconds to shutdown (could hang HomeSeer completely in previous version

    - It's not possible anymore to Disable and Re-Enable the plugin in HomeSeer Interface page. Once disabled, you have to shutdown HomeSeer before the plugin can be re-enabled.

    To install or upgrade:

    1) Download the attached .ZIP

    2) Unzip the archive without flattening the file tree (there are subdirectories that must be kept)

    3) Shutdown HomeSeer

    4) If you are upgrading, DELETE the HomeSeer 2/html/hspi_bt directory

    5) Copy all unziped files and subdirectories to your HomeSeer 2 directory.

    If you are upgrading you have to accept replacing the bluetooth support dlls, as all these files are new versions.

    6) Restart HomeSeer
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    Delete from source or destination?

    When upgrading, you mention I must
    "4) If you are upgrading, DELETE the HomeSeer 2/html/hspi_bt directory"

    Does that mean I should delete the directory from my installed home seer program directory, or does it mean I should delete it from the source files that I have unzipped?


      I mean the destination directory, because it will be replaced by new files from the .ZIP, and some files do not have the same name.
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