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Bluetooth Connector + Bluetooth Client posted

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    Bluetooth Connector + Bluetooth Client posted

    Here is a new version of the Bluetooth Connector plugin for HomeSeer 2.1 and 2.2beta:


    - Bluetooth device presence detection
    - Bluetooth device signal strength (with the Widcomm Bluetooth stack)
    - The Bluetooth Client can collect bluetooth presence and signal strength from remote computers, and communicate its findings to the main plugin.
    - With several long range Bluetooth dongles, the plugin allows you to triangulate the position of your Bluetooth devices.
    - Web configuration interface for all parameters.

    Change Log:

    - BlueTooth Client now minimizes to the system tray
    - BlueTooth Client auto-reconnects to HomeSeer
    - Older version of the Bluetooth support dlls (1.10) because 1.20 and 1.20b could hang HomeSeer.

    How to install or upgrade the plugin:

    1) Download the attached .ZIP

    2) Unzip the archive without flattening the file tree (there are subdirectories that must be kept)

    3) Shutdown HomeSeer

    4) If you are upgrading, DELETE the HomeSeer 2/html/hspi_bt directory, because this directory will be replaced by the directory included in the ZIP.

    5) Copy all unziped files and subdirectories to your HomeSeer 2 directory. Replace all existing files.

    6) Restart HomeSeer<!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->

    How to install the Bluetooth Client on a remote computer:

    Copy the following files from your HomeSeer server to your remote computer.
    All files should be found in the HomeSeer 2 directory on your HomeSeer computer
    All files must be copied to the HomeSeer 2 directory on the remote computer. This directory should already exist as the speaker client must be installed on the remote computer.
    All files must be COPIED, not MOVED or DELETED (including the .exe !).

    - BlueTools.dll
    - BlueToolsMS.dll
    - BlueToolsWC.dll
    - BlueToolsWC150.dll
    - Franson.Bluetools.200.dll
    - hspi_bt.dll
    - BluetoothClient.exe

    You can install several BlueTooth clients. Here I tested with 2 BlueTooth Clients + the main plugin, and with 3 long range dongles (Widcomm stack), the plugin can successfully triangulate an approximate position of each Bluetooth device in the house.

    More info about all plugin parameters here:

    Best regards,
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