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Bluetooth Client crashes on MCE2005 system

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    Bluetooth Client crashes on MCE2005 system

    I purchased and installed Bluetooth Connector. I followed the instructions for copying the BT Connector files to the Media Center computer, then restarted both systems.

    The HomeSeer computer shows the plugin works fine and I can configure the dongle connected to it fine as well. However, when I try to start the Bluetooth client on the Media Center machine, it crashes, giving a Microsoft Reporting error :

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : bluetoothclient.exe P2 :
    P3: 451ef88b P4: bluetoothclient P5: P6: 451ef88b
    P7: 36 P8:12 P9:

    I copied all of the files specified in the instructions, I use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, and I have SpeakerClient installed and connected.

    Any ideas?

    One file is missing but unfortunately, I don't know which one from the error message.

    Did you copy all files and dlls to the HomeSeer 2 directory on the speaker computer (They must go to the same directory as speaker.exe)

    What version of HS2.1 are you running ?
    Is your speaker client updated to the same version as HS ?

    Can you check you have all these files on the Media Center computer in the HS2 directory:



    All these files (including bluetoothClient.exe) must be present at the HS server and at each speaker client computer.


      thanks for the quick reply. i'll check when i get home to make sure.


        ok, i had installed the wrong file on the client pc (didn't install the file that ended in 150)... it seems to work fine.

        however, do i need a bluetooth dongle on the hs pc? the client is connected to hs but when I try to discover new devices from hs i get a .net error page. i'm at work right now but i can post the content of the page when i get home if you need that.


          I didn't try the plugin without any dongle on the HS Server.

          The plugin has a Bluetooth scanner thread (like the client) and I'm not sure it's going to work... this is something I have to check.

          You may want to try discovering devices only at the Bluetooth Client.


            A new version of the plugin has been posted

            I fixed a few things in the code, to allow operation of the plugin with no bluetooth dongle at the server (you are polling bluetooth devices from one or several Bluetooth Clients installed on other computers).

            I couldn't fully test as my bluetooth dongle is part of the mother board. I tried with the Bluetooth driver disabled, and it worked.

            Thanks for your report if this solved your problem.


              Hey Stipus,
              I'm getting the same issue on my MCE2005.

              I am missing CKCLNet.dll.

              I see this file nowhere on the HS PC nor on my remote PC.

              The client starts, connects to HomeSeer, then shortly afterwards crashes.

              This is in the HS log:

              12/15/2006 4:28:35 PM BT Connector Remote Bluetooth network Network1 registered.
              12/15/2006 4:28:41 PM BT Connector Warning: remote network Network1 unreachable. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

              I really want to get this plugin, it would be great to base events on whether I am home or not.

              Using: Bluetooth Connector + Bluetooth Client

              Thanks, Bill
              Last edited by Bill Brower; December 15, 2006, 10:34 PM.



                Partial Crash Report

                AppName: bluetoothclient.exe AppVer: AppStamp:454622b7
                ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 ModStamp:411096b4
                fDebug: 0 Offset: 000106c3



                  The filename is SKCLNET.dll
                  You may find a copy of this file in HomeSeer 2/html/bin

                  If you don't find it, I will post the file.


                    I'm skipping the remote computer install for now. I bought a high power BlueTooth adapter that hits the whole house.

                    This is going to be great. I have many HS events that page my phone (incoming phone calls, front door motion). This way it will automatically suppress pages while I'm actually home.




                      And I do have that file so there must have been another issue.

                      Thanks anyway!