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    No Updates - official response about Widcomm updates for Rocketfish

    Here is the official response about Widcomm updates for Rocketfish

    Hi Steve

    Thank you for contacting Rocketfish about your Rocketfish Micro Bluetooth 2.1 EDR USB Adapter RF-MRBTAD. I will do my best to assist you so you can start enjoying your product right away!

    First of all, Steve, let me apologize for the time that it took me to provide you with a response. At this moment we are experiencing a higher than normal quantity of E-mails due to the holidays. I understand that this is no excuse; however, I hope that you don't take this delay as a lack of consideration towards our customers. We care about our customers and we are constantly working to improve our products performance and our customer care.

    As you have explained in your E-mail, you need info about the widcom 5.2. Here are my recommendations:

    Steve, we do not have any update for the Widcom software. The software that comes with the product have been tested and we had very good results and performance.

    However, bear in mind that as soon as these drivers become available, they will be noticed on the following link:

    I hope that you find this E-mail helpful, but just in case you need anything else remember that you can contact Rocketfish Products Customer Support at 1-800-620-2790 and provide the agent with your case number: 4153614. With this number he will be able to see my notes and assist you faster.

    You can always count on us, =)

    Mariano Garcia and the Rocketfish Products Customer Care Team

    Steve wrote:
    Software configuration Product model number: RF-MRBTAD Product description: Micro Bluetooth 2.1 EDR USB Adapter This product uses the Widcomm Bluetooth
    Stack.dongle When and how will Rocketfish make available the Widcomm update ?
    How do you suggest I get this update?


      A friend of mine and myself have tried the ASUS WL-BTD-201M dongle (that comes with a widdcom stack). This seems to work fine (for me in VMWare Win2k server using a Belkin Network USB hub).



        stipus did you get your Belkin F8T012 100m adapter working with the Widcomm stack on Windows 7 by any chance?

        I downloaded Widcomm stack v6.3.0.200 from the Broadcomm site and although I had no problems installing the software, Windows 7 is still I believe using the damn Microsoft stack as can't get the variable signal strength feature to work from the plugin (just reports back Device Signal OK or Device Signal Away)

        Good range on adapter though


          I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you can use another stack than the MS stack with Windows Seven... ?


            I've recently purchased a Bolutek BTD-6610 adapter which works out of the box with the Bluetooth Connector on Windows 7 32-bit using the Windows stack (it says on the box it works with XP, Vista, etc.)

            Forget your 100m class 1 adapters, this thing has got a range of 2000m and comes equipted with a whacking big aerial which means now it detects my phone before I've even driven onto the drive and this thing is in the middle of the house so it has to go through 3 brick walls too!



              where did you get this, and how much was it?

              Does this output enough to have the FCC knocking on your door?
              Joe (zimmer62)

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                  It says it's a transmitter. Is it both a transmitter and receiver? I'm not sure how this increases the output of your cell phone either?


                    Originally posted by AutomatingIT View Post
                    It says it's a transmitter. Is it both a transmitter and receiver? I'm not sure how this increases the output of your cell phone either?
                    Yeah it's a transmitter and receiver - it's just like any other bluetooth dongle that appears in Windows Device Manager - no difference at all. I guess because it's got a big aerial that's how it can pick up the signal from my iPhone before I've even got to my house - something my Belkin F8T012 couldn't do even when I put it on a lead outside my front door.


                      How does your battery hold up with BlueTooth enabled? My battery will last 3 days without a charge without BT enabled, maybe a 1/2 day with it enabled. This makes this plugin not feasible for my phone.


                        Originally posted by AutomatingIT View Post
                        How does your battery hold up with BlueTooth enabled? My battery will last 3 days without a charge without BT enabled, maybe a 1/2 day with it enabled. This makes this plugin not feasible for my phone.
                        Yeah hi AutomatingIT - I had exactly the same problem with my iPhone, although I wouldn't actually manage to get through the day with bluetooth enabled using the Bluetooth Connector.

                        I now have a script that changes the poll interval from 5 seconds when the cell phone is not detected to 180 seconds when detected (stipus posted how to do this recently). This fixed it on the iPhone completely as Bluetooth only draws power when it's working. It's worth noting that the iPhone is only in discovery mode when on the Bluetooth screen in the Settings app so you have to use Connect Service on the Bluetooth connector as leaving the iPhone in Bluetooth Discovery mode all the time will flatten the battery (plus you won't be able to use it for anything else which is pointless).

                        I have no idea what phone you've got, but it's worth checking you've not got it set on discovery mode all the time as this will impact batterly life
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                          Here is the routine I use to change the poll interval on the Bluetooth Connector to save phone battery power. You create an event when the mobile (cell) phone is detected and issue the following command (e.g.):

                          ConfigureBluetooth(180, 5, R1)
                          Where 180 is the Poll Delay, 5 is the number of retries before it gives up and R1 is the HomeSeer device code.

                          When the phone is disconnected, you want to be able to quickly identify it again, so you'd create an event on Mobile phone disconnected and do the following .net command (e.g.):
                          ConfigureBluetooth(10, 5, R1)


                          Private Sub ConfigureBluetooth(ByVal PollDelay, ByVal LostConfirm, ByVal HsDevice)
                          Dim SectionName, items, section
                          Dim FoundSection As Boolean
                          HsDevice = HsDevice.ToLower
                          For ds = 0 To 50
                          SectionName = "Device" & ds.ToString
                          section = hs.GetINISection(SectionName, "hspi_bt.ini")
                          If section = "" Then
                          FoundSection = False
                          Exit For
                          End If
                          items = Split(section, Chr(0))
                          For I = 0 To UBound(items)
                          If Strings.Left(items(I), 9) = "HsDevice=" Then
                          If LCase(Mid(items(I), 10)) = HsDevice Then
                          FoundSection = True
                          Exit For
                          End If
                          End If
                          If FoundSection = True Then 'Start configuring
                          hs.SaveINISetting(SectionName, "PollDelay", PollDelay, "hspi_bt.ini")
                          hs.SaveINISetting(SectionName, "LostConfirm", LostConfirm, "hspi_bt.ini")
                          hs.Plugin("BT Connector").scanner.Devices(SectionName).ReloadConfig()
                          Exit For
                          End If
                          End Sub


                            The phone has paired up with a bluetooth ear piece, which has not been found either when I do the search. As soon as I hit search on the scan for new device, it only scans for about a second, before I had computer problems it seems to me it spent longer searching for a new device. Now it searches for about a half of a second.
                            This is the error that I get, but I cant find the phone or the ear pieace. It seems to be a search problem. It should be searching longer then a half a second. I again deleted and reinstalled the program. Should I be removing something beside the dll it shows in the interface?

                            3/3/2010 11:23:24 AM - BT Debug - BT Connector : Network0: Remote Bluetooth Network Enabled= False AutoDiscovery=True AutoDiscoveryInterval=5 No client found

                            The program was the best program I ever had, and was easy to install. Then something happened to my computer, but is now fine, all but the bluetooth program and that was my favorite program. Worth more then I paid to me.


                              Blimey - I have no idea what you're on about - can you explain again for someone as thick as me?


                                I dont know what happened, but on my old blue tooth regular phone all worked great. Then I got a blackberry Storm, I can pair it up with the computer with no problem, but cant get it paired up with your program. It worked perfect with my old phone. Also when I did a search from the program it would run for a couple of minutes searching for a bluetooth item. Then I had some problems with my computer and had to restore some programs and the blue tooth connector had to be one of them. Now the search runs about a half a second. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and made no changes.
                                The bottom line is the computer is finding my phone, the the program will not. The search runs for about a half a second compared to before it ran about a minute. Any ideas of something I should be doing.
                                Daniel Bonnell