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Having problem with remote BT Client

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    Having problem with remote BT Client

    Hey Stipus.

    The HS Device for my Treo 700 is showing Device Away even though my second network appears to be seeing the Treo.

    12/21/2006 2:13:03 PM BT Debug Polling Treo (Method=AutoDiscovery) on Network2 returned signal strength=0
    12/21/2006 2:13:00 PM BT Debug Polling Treo (Method=AutoDiscovery) on Network0 returned signal strength=-2147483648

    Signal stregth for the Treo is set to defaults:

    0 Up Down 3 Strong Device Signal @(Network0)>5
    1 Up Down 2 Device Signal OK @(Network0)>=0
    2 Up Down 1 Device Signal Low @(Network0)>-20
    3 Up Down 0 Device Away true

    So it seems the Network 0 is over-riding Network 2's status.

    When Network 0 goes to zero then the device is seen by HomeSeer.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks, Bill

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    </td><td colspan="8" class="LOGEntry0" align="left">
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    When you have several networks active, you have to change the boolean expressions yourself usually using an OR (||)

    Simple example:

    0 Up Down 1 Device Present @(Network0)>-20 || @(Network1)>-20
    1 Up Down 0 Device Away true


      Thank you!

      And as usual I am sure it was in the directions somewhere.

      Well this set up is working quite well. I was afraid it was going to take a toll on my cell phone batteries but so far so good.

      My main use is to suppress text messages I get (phone calls, front door motion etc) when I am at home. I'll figure out more now that I have whole house coverage.

      Thanks again! Bill