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Getting BT setup to run reliably

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    Getting BT setup to run reliably

    I'll be honest, I really struggled getting this thing running right.

    I tried 3 different BT dongle setups and may I say that BT hardware can be a real pain in the a$$.

    I knew Stipus' plugin had to work, his stuff always works.

    The one thing all dongles had in common was a 1.4.xx stack software with it. And thanks to BT licensing, you probably aren't going to get an update.

    If you want this setup to work reliably, IMHO, you need good hardware. The one that works for me is the Beldin F8T012. This comes with 5.x Widcomm software.

    This setup is running great now. You can try to grab a BT dongle out of the drawer but if you are having issues don't blame the plugin, it really requires decent hardware. That means the dongle and cell phone.


    I agree with this.



      My Belkin F8T012 came w/ v4.x of the Widcomm stack. Any chance you'd share a copy of your v5.x? If so, send me an e-mail and I'll forward my FTP info to you.
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