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Poor man's door opener

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    Poor man's door opener

    Well I've decided that I can't justify the $600 cost of a fingerprint reader or the $250 cost of a USB extender. So I set up a cheaper way to open my front door without a key.

    I already have a door strike installed but I wanted a way to have HS control who gets in and when. Rather than buy an expensive reader, I installed the bluetooth connector plugin. Here is how it works.

    I already have a virtual device connected to a Keypadlinc. Each person in the house has their own button and when they leave the house, they depress their "roommate away" button which kicks off events to turn off their lights, tv, etc. It also tells HS that they are gone.

    I have a conditional event that triggers when the virtual away device is on (the roommate is gone) and the bluetooth device changes to on (indicating the roommate has returned). That event opens a 5 minute window whereby if the door bell is depressed, the door strike is activated. After the door closes, the event cancels (so no one can follow them in).

    The solution cost me $12 for the usb bluetooth reader, $20 for the plugin, and I already had the two X-10 devices needed for the doorbell ($20 for the X10 Universal Module, $23 for the X10 Powerflash Interface). All told, I have an encoded personal wireless key for less than $100.

    Limitations are clear, of course. It requires a bluetooth enabled device (cell phone) and you will likely want to disassociate your door bell chime with the door bell button so that HS can intercept the bell when you are just opening the door. But otherwise, it works well. More importantly, you can set up timed events such that visitors can gain entry only at specific times (maid can get in only on Tuesday morning between 8:00 and 9:00).

    Bravo !

    My own poor man's door opener is done with the Direct Input plugin.

    A few days ago, I had a friend home, and I told him... look at the pin code I use to open the door, then try yourself ... I'm sure you won't succeed. Bingo !
    I have been using the timed sequence feature of the Direct Input Connector, and if you don't know how long each key must be pressed, you can't reproduce the code, even if you saw it.