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Looses its license

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    Looses its license

    After installing my Bluetooth driver and new Bluetooth connector plug-in I lost all my licenses. I know this is a problem with the bluetooth driver but does anyone know a work around ?

    The bluetooth plug-in is one of the plug-in I really want to use. I installed the Linksys DBT120 with Widcomm stack v1.4.2.10. It looks like it is working and I restored my machine to get back my licenses.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We have a new build of HS that fixes this issue. Its still being tested, but I'll see if I can get it posted soon.
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      As RJH said, the problem is not specific to my plugin. Many plugin users are currently experiencing such problems with different plugins.

      Usualy when this is happening, you just have to retype the license code in the license page.

      The good news: It seems HST has found the problem, and will release a new HomeSeer version soon with this fixed.

      I installed the Linksys DBT120 with Widcomm stack v1.4.2.10.
      This widcomm stack is very (very) old (but should be supported by the lib). If you can find a more recent stack, you should install it.


        I just noticed yesterday that both my Homeseer and the ACRF plug-in had lost their licence codes and that I had 22 days remaining in my trial.

        I can't go that far back in my logs to see what did it.

        Licence codes went back in just fine.

        No bluetooth here - I don't even know what it is ?

        Newmarket Ontario