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    DeviceStatus not changed?

    Stipus, nice job with the changes, reloading the newer version seems to have made some things better and faster. Still haven't tried my wife's phone yet, that'll be tomorrow.

    One thing I noticed is that the plugin doesn't change the DeviceStatus, just the DeviceString. I think this is a missed opportunity for control with events and other things. Wouldn't ON be device in range, OFF be out? Or maybe I am missing something completely.


    The plugin works with Device Values, and you can create any trigger on device value changed.

    In the plugin configuration for each bluetooth device, there are boolean expressions that are evaluated in order.

    For each matching boolean expression, there is an associated device value and device string you can configure.


      Stipus, I created an event, and I found what you mean. You allow triggers for the specific device values. I love it... ignore my previous question/request.

      PS: I can confirm that NOT bonding the devices is important and my wife's phone now works.

      thanks, I will be purchasing this one, it works awesome.