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Entering the Bluetooth age

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    Entering the Bluetooth age

    I'm wanting to try a little bluetooth...

    I found this:

    Which I think i saw in the Working bluetooth adapter thread works with the plugin.

    My question is:

    Can i use this and the plugin to do some rough occupancy for Wife/Child/Me? (we all three have BT enabled phones. Motorola, Palm (Centro) and samsung.)

    How do i get started?
    Install adapter on HS machine
    Install plugin
    Configure plugin

    Is there anything else that needs to be done?

    I've never worked with BT before...

    Is it possible to have two BT adapters in the house (on different machines.) at the same time? .. i.e... BT mouse on a laptop.. and BT dongle on H.S. machine?.. will they conflict with each other?

    Thanks for any insight...

    Andrew B.

    I did this a while back with scripting. I finally gave up. I could not convince my wife to keep bluetooth enabled on her phone. With bluetooth running, battery life on the handset is seriously diminished.
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      My phone wouldn't stay up more than 2 hours with bluetooth enabled. I really wish it didn't drain the battery so fast because this has some potential. As it is I now use the CheaperRFID stuff as it works equally as well if not better and the battery life is much better.


        Thank you folks..

        Maybe i'll look at the cheaper RFID instead.. i really want occupancy.. and The Palm Centro has poor battery life as it is.. without bluetooth enabled.

        I hadn't thought about the increased drain on the batteries.

        Thanks for the direction.

        Andrew B.