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how to use the bluetooth connector

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  • stipus

    I'm sorry I don't have HS-Touch, and I can't help you with this.
    For the standard status messages, you can configure this in the plugin configuration interface.

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  • madcooks
    Guest started a topic how to use the bluetooth connector

    how to use the bluetooth connector

    I am a newby and just bought the connector
    i installed the beast and got it working
    now i have to find out what i can do with it
    i must give it a name of course
    but must i select a room and a floor ?
    what device type must i give it (status only ?)
    then i want a label to show if i am in or out
    i work with hstouch
    do i have to write a script or can i use a label and change the color and text ?
    could you give me a little example to get me going ?
    remember i am a newby (you have to tell me exactly what to do)
    i will learn eventually
    thanks aforehand