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Away for At Least xx Mins condition fails

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    Away for At Least xx Mins condition fails

    I must be doing soemthing wrong as the following trigger condition fails:-

    Event Trigger = Device Value Change (tried Status as well)
    Device = Registered and working BT device
    Value Change Trigger = 'Becomes Detected'
    Condition = 'Bluetooth Device xyz has been away for at least two minutes'

    The event works fine if I do not apply the 'away' condition' but I need to only trigger if the device had previously been away for xx number of minutes?

    Any ideas on a way to do this assuming the BT Conenctor conditions are known to not work without intoruding anotehr virtual device to track the status myself?


    I think this is because of the way HomeSeer triggers and conditions are evaluated.

    In your case:

    When the BT device becomes detected, the trigger is run and the condition is evaluated: has the device been away for at least 10 minutes ? Unfortunately at the time this is evaluated, the device just became detected, and it has been away for 0 seconds.

    Your condition cannot work as-is. The status cannot be away when the device just became detected.