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    Is this our only option for BT connectivity and HS2?

    I saw a bunch of stuff from Jon00... does he have a different plugin? I purchased a class 1 BT dongle today, and want to be able to use it to detect when I get home in either car (both BT enabled .... might have to modify a headset and hardwire it for ID?)

    I'm concerned about the lack of support, as this seems like such a great alternative to much pricier RFID options for proximity alerting.

    I'd appreciate anyone's input on this one!



      Jon has written his own scripts (not actually a plugin) for Bluetooth.

      Both his routines and Stipus's work well with many of the older phones; in my experience, the newer smartphones are so clever in how they manage power that they are quite hard to talk to.

      What sort of phone do you have? If it's an iPhone then there are settings in Jon's scripts which I have found work well though you do have to reset your phone's BT stack from time to time (just turn Bluetooth off and on again).

      I haven't personally yet found settings in this plugin which will work with iPhones for more than a matter of 10 mins to a couple of hours.


        Thanks so much for your response. I am using an iPhone and an iPhone 4S. Would it also be able to detect Bluetooth present in a vehicle? We have a Honda Pilot and a BMW convertible both of which have bluetooth in the car. That would be even better. I'm just trying to determine whether or not Bluetooth will handle the proximity / home/not-home type functions I would like to do without spending big bucks on RFID. It might not be important enough to go RFID, but I'd love to have it!



          I wanted to use the phone because nearly all phones now have BT and that meant i could write some higher level scripts to decide when to allow different phones to operate the gates (eg an expected visitor with a known phone would find the gates would open automatically).

          i have tried to get my Land Rover Discovery to operate the detector itself though so far have failed. i will try again soon to see if i can work out how/when it should work.


            Cool... I'm all for using a phone vs. car if it'll work. I bought an IOGear class 1 330ft adapter but so far no luck with Windows 7. It's really mucking up my WiFi. Dropping connections and the like. I'm going to try changing and hard setting WiFi channel and see if that helps. It's a shame BT can't be more straight forward for as perceptively simple as it could be!


              The crucial thing with these adapters is that they must work with the Microsoft BT software stack if you want to use the scripts/plugins.

              The only real way to find out is to make sure you do NOT load any drivers which come with the adapter and then see whether it appears as a basic BT device in your device manager. if it does, you have enough functionality to do the detection.


                Interesting... ok. Well I have the manufacturer drives loaded but Windows 7 also loaded theirs. All appears to be working.

                Last question... where can I find Jon00's BT scripts? I didn't see them in the Updater...?


                  If you have loaded the manufacturer's drivers, then the scripts and plugin will NOT work in my experience. they DEPEND on only the MS drivers being in use.

                  Stipus's plugin, which has a trial period, is in the updater.

                  Jon's scripts: look in the message board under Jon's scripts to see where to get them. They come from his website.


                    Good info! I'll uninstall and clean everything up. The BTConnector in Updater is loaded, and seems to work... it finds my phone and shows it as connected, but when I go out of range and see the phone disconnect, it doesn't reflect the disconnection. Will try base MS drivers only and Jon's script.



                      Please do let us know how you get on. of interest to other potential users too.


                        Ok... uninstalled BTConnector, using base MS Stack on Windows 7 Home Premium. Downloaded Jon00's scripts and created the shortcut for his Jon00BluHS app in my startup folder. App starts, and detected my iPhone 4 (latest build) immediately in the system tray. VERY pleased with that so far!

                        I am using an IOGear USB Class 1 100meter dongle. I had some problems with it killing my WiFi connection, but went and hard set the frequency on my WiFi to a lower band and it's all sorted now.

                        SO my next question... is there instructions somewhere on how to set up HS2 for the script? I do not see a device or way to modify an event to utilize the BT information. I believe everything is working, I'm just not finding any details on how to create an event to determine home or away (or proximity if supported) of my device.

                        But I think I'm getting closer!

                        Thanks again for your help!


                          Stipus's connector has its own instructions and this is the right place to ask about that.

                          For questions about Jon's routine I suggest you post in the message board under the appropriate section for his routines.

                          Good luck with BT. We wouldn't be without it now it's working.


                            Oops good point. Wrong message board... I'll head over there!