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Emotion application for HomeSeer released

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  • Emotion v1.7 released

    Emotion v1.7 has been released to the Updater. Details here:


    • Emotion v1.7.5 Released

      Emotion v1.7.5 has been released and is available through the HomeSeer updater. Details here:


      • Emotion v1.7.6 Released

        Emotion v1.7.6 has been released to the HomeSeer Updater - details here:


        • Emotion v2 preview - what to expect


          • Hi All,

            I've been reading the great thing that this plugin does,but I am not quit understanding what are the requirements.

            1-It's seem that you have to have a cell phone with Bluetooth constantly on for each person in the home? If so, what about the persons who don't? Any options?

            2- if you need the Bluetooth, I would imagine you would have to ask your friends ID in order to have emotions greet them Rigth? It won't pick it up by its self Rigth?

            3- by having your Bluetooth on constantly wouldn't you experiment a drain in battery?

            4- do you need some kind of receiver to HS (antenna)?

            I would really love to implement system if I have a better understanding of what the plugin needs.
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            • Hi Rotech,

              You're right in your understanding that this plugin does use bluetooth. This can be achieved with either the Bluetooth plugin (by Stipus) or by using the excellent (and free) bluetooth scripts provided by Jon00. You may use other proximity devices other than Bluetooth as Emotion just responds to On/Off Device commands (e.g. A1=ON Person present, OFF=Person away.

              Much work has been done to conserve battery consumption of Bluetooth - the Bluetooth receiver in most phones (iPhone included) does not draw power if it's not being used. Therefore, once a person is 'detected', the polling frequency sent from Emotion is significantly reduced. In our tests using iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S's, the additional power consumption is not measurable.

              Bluetooth Phones needs to be paired to the computer running HomeSeer, so the initial setup is not quick.

              Depending on the release cycle of this current version, this will or will not include the WiFi connector as part of Emotion. This integrates with your existing WiFi network and picks-up the MAC address of mobile phones as an alternative (or in addition) to Bluetooth. The advantage of this is that the user experience is much smoother, they are more likely to keep WiFi switched-on on their phone and they have a vested interest in connecting to your WiFi network - if only for Facebook! The WiFi connector is still in development (app complete, but need the control screens done). {Edit:} The WiFi connector has been postponed due to difficulties with Windows Mobile phones not waking-up from icmp packets.

              The Plugin optionally requires the Skype connector for sending SMS and making calls.

              Again, we plan to integrate SMS/Phone functionality into Emotion directly once the Google Voice API becomes useful - technology is too new to implement at the moment, so don't hold your breath for this!
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              • Emotion v2 Released!

                Emotion v2 has been released today and is available for trial or download through the HomeSeer updater:


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                • Originally posted by Emotion View Post
                  Emotion v2 has been released today and is available for trial or download through the HomeSeer updater:


                  The first link gives

                  Not Found

                  The requested URL /showthread...53 was not found on this server.

                  Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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                  • Thanks Greig for pointing this out.

                    I've updated the link in the post above - should have been:



                    • Emotion v2.0.0.7 released

                      Emotion v2.0.0.7 has been sent to the HomeSeer Installer and will be available shortly.

                      Please see the following page for details about this new release: