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(resolved) Clean install

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  • (resolved) Clean install


    To connect it I decided to delete everything - devices, events, the verifyhs script, the emotion people file and then I uninstalled emotion. I also removed it from the updates folder. Then I redownloaded it and reinstalled 1.5. It still does not connect. The Default Voice has an empty dropdown.

    When I reinstalled the z99 device was not created. So I created a virtual z99 device. The problem with trying to create it in the emotion app is that it cannot connect to create one. With the virtual it still does not connect. I am running emotion on the same machine that I am running hspro and the speaker client with the same connection settings. Any suggestions? Are there any places that I need to update to get it to remove completely so I can do a clean reinstall? Thanks,

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    fixed it

    I decided to investigate and found that the config files in the appdata folder were all truncated except for 2.0 and 5.0. In 5.0 all of the xml was blank. In 4.0 it was empty. In 3.1 and 3.0 it was truncated in the peoplelist so it was invalid. So I decided to copy the 2.0 config file to 5.0 and now it connects. Weird. But glad I solved it.



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      Hi TBG,

      Thanks for posting your solution and I'm glad you managed to sort it!

      Currently, the XML configuration files in the appdata folder are still required but we're gradually duplicating all those settings into two separate XML files in the Program Files\HomeSeer HS2\Config directory until such point we can switch off the old appdata files.

      We have experienced file corruption in these files before even though it is the standard "Microsoft" way of storing application data in .NET applications. Many other developers have experienced the same problems with their applications as per their posts on forums so we decided to bite the bullet and change this early - I'm sorry we didn't manage to finish this work before you got affected by it.