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Emotion v1.6 Released

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  • Emotion v1.6 Released

    Emotion v1.6, now releaed, is the first version that contains phrases in an editable XML file. Along with this release is a new Motivator feature that speaks aspirations. This is similar in concept to the Complements feature.

    v1.6 only contains editable phrases for this new Motivator feature and future versions will complete this process until all phrases are editable.

    The accompanying documentation details how additional XML files may be constructed, for example, for different languages.
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    is there support for dutch

    i am thinking of trying this plugin, but i wonder if there is a posibility that the massages are in annother language beside englische.

    and it not clear to me what i need , when i use the BT reconision.

    i have a BT usbdongle but have problems to get it working on my HS server, running under W2003 enterprice server.
    and i understood then i need a plugin for the BT, witch one i shout use.


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      Hi Harrympower,

      Emotion is in English, but can be converted into Dutch by renaming the EmotionLanguage-en.xml file to EmotionLanguage-nl.xml and translating the English phrase pieces into Dutch using something like Google Translate.

      If you are serious about wanting Emotion in Dutch we can create one of these files for you (no cost).

      With regard to bluetooth adapters running on W2k3 Enterprise, the 'Enterprise' bit doesn't make a difference, but if it's a 64-bit version then you'll need a 64-bit driver for your bluetooth adapter which limits your options. Perhaps post a query on the HomeSeer StiPus Bluetooth Connector forum (which Emotion uses)

      Emotion can also use the free Jon00 Bluetooth script which uses the library adopted by Microsoft and in our tests has got wider support:

      Look for an adapter that is compatible with W2k3 (64-bit?) and uses the Microsoft bluetooth stack and you should be OK.