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(resolved) V1.5 Won't connect

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  • (resolved) V1.5 Won't connect

    Hi Emotion,
    I had a previous version running, but I turned it off until I could spend the time configuring it. I upgraded to 1.5 and now it won't connect to my HS server. The users previously setup are gone. I have them both running on the same machine.
    HS version is
    I tried the "Remove plug-in" install option and re-installed it.
    What else can i try?

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    Hi Chasem,

    Sorry for the late reply - I was not notified of your post for some reason - must check those settings!

    Versions prior to v1.5 store the user settings in a file called user.config in a location similar to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Lailey_Limited\Emotion. exe_Url_wow0acu5c2yanyiovddzx3yvuy2juyjo\

    If you copy your user.config from an old version (identified by directory name) to the latest folder, you can restore your user settings that you have lost.

    Make absolutely sure the plugin is Enabled in HomeSeer. I know this sounds daft, but sometimes this setting gets toggled when Emotion is reinstalled and is easy to miss.

    Make absolutely sure you've got the full .Net Framework 4 installed (not the slimmed-down Client Profile version)

    Um, try removing HomeSeer username and password to see if that's an issue perhaps?


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      Repair on dot net 4 install just in case and copied config from 1.2 folder to 1.5 folder seems to working now.


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        Hi i am writing for help on getting emotion to connect to homeseer, I have both emotion and homeseer installed on the same machine. my current version of homeseer is I have emotion configured to connect via localhost, with the web user name in homeseer "Emotion" and without a password.
        At the bottom of the emotion GUI for the connection status it says "Confirming connection to localhost", could this have any relation to my problem?
        Any help will be great - thanks
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          Hi Laurieg,

          Do you see any info in the HomeSeer logs, such as any connection attempts by remote client? If you do then this suggests Emotion is getting as far as HomeSeer and the message may lead you nearer to resolving the problem. If you get no entries in the HomeSeer log around the time Emotion is trying to connect then it's something else - you could try or the IP address of your machine instead of localhost (but localhost should work).

          Normally, by default, HomeSeer doesn't expect usernames or passwords on the local subnet - you could try temporarily disabling this in HomeSeer - you'll know you've got this right as you won't have to login to the HomeSeer web interface. Emotion username and password should be set to the HomeSeer defaults of default and default. (HomeSeer web/setup/web users)

          Please let us know how you get on...


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            Hi Emotion,

            Thanks for your responce. I have managed to amend the problem. It was interferance with a network bridge that was used by VirtualBox (Oracel Virtulization Platform), Once this bridge was removed Emotions functionality was restored. Could you suggest a method that would allows me to keep the functionality of Emotion as well as keeping the bridge installed?

            many thanks!


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              Hi laurieg,

              This should be possible as it sounds similar to the virtual adapters that get created in VMware workstation.

              If HomeSeer and Emotion are installed on the same virtual machine, then you will need to supply the local virtual IP address of that VM's virtual adapter for the hostname in Emotion.

              If HomeSeer is installed on a separate VM to Emotion, then you'll obviously need to supply that IP address, but you will also need to at least install the HomeSeer speaker client on the Emotion VM as it requires the HomeSeer DLL's to function.

              In either case, you must ensure the network bridge is not blocking the remoting port (I think tcp 8737?)