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Occupancy Detection

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  • Occupancy Detection


    Just wondering if the plugin can use other forms of occupancy detection other than a bluetooth plugin. Like for example could something like one of the latitude scripts which has an ON / OFF value for a person be used to determine if someone is home?

    Id like to have a play and try and use your script / plug-in but am unsure of if it would fit my scenario as i don't have the bluetooth plugin.
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    Hi Travishdh,

    Sorry for the late reply - I don't get notified when a new thread is created in this forum which is a bit naff, only on replies to existing threads - must get that sorted!

    You don't need the Bluetooth connector, you can use whatever you like that is compatible with HomeSeer - so long as it appears in HomeSeer as a Device, e.g. A1 On = person in and A1 Off = person gone away then that's it.

    On the People Tab in Emotion is where you set the device code of your latitude scripts
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