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(resolved) 1.7 Won't 'Confirm Connection'

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  • (resolved) 1.7 Won't 'Confirm Connection'


    I'm basically having the same problem as the 1.5 thread but for 1.7 so thought I'd best started a new thread. Using HSPro with Emotion 1.7 on same machine. Emotion connects to HS and HS logs a 'log in from local host event' but then Emotion goes to 'confirm the connection', times out and reconnects after 5 seconds and loops. Tried localhost, IP, user/pass combos without luck. I know Emotion can talk to HS, as aside from the HS log event, Emotion also checks (and creates) the Emotion virtual device.

    Any advice?

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    Please tell us - did you upgrade from a previous version or is this a fresh install?

    OK, please check three things:
    1. That the emotion plug-in is enabled. You may have previously enabled it but I've seen this disable itself following an upgrade.
    2. Try backing-up and then deleting (or just rename) the file similar to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Lailey_Limited\Emotion.exe_Url_wow0acu5c2yany iovddzx3yvuy2juyjo\\user.config (Windows 7/2008 R2 64-bit file structure, other OS's differ slightly)
    3. Try the default username and password for HomeSeer which is default default


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      Two days ago we saw a problem with one of our machine where Emotion was stuck on "Confirming Connection". This coincided right after installing some freeware iPhone unlocking software - not the best idea on a production machine but we all have our moments!

      We painfully checked every setting on HS, Emotion and the O/S against a working machine and although the Speaker client network port had been set to 0 on HS and a few other HS settings had reverted (strange), we couldn't change a setting that would make it work again.

      We found that installing a clean HomeSeer HS2 v2.3.0.19 from CD onto this PC would work fine with Emotion, but as soon as we ran the update2 files to HS v2.5.0.23 it would break Emotion again with the same confirming connection error.

      I wrote a 10 line app that just connected to HomeSeer with the RegisterEventCB hs command and that's it! This also failed on this PC but ran fine on every other machine - eliminating the whole of the Emotion code with a clean v2.5.0.23 install of HomeSeer - yet this was working fine on other machines with the same O/S - how could this be?!?

      Things we did to resolve the issue:
      1. Restored to an earlier restore point a few days before
      2. Uninstalled GacInstall4_2_1_12 by HomeSeer Technologies from Control Panel
      3. Performed a clean install of HS v2.5.0.23 and copied back the old \config directory .mdb file and other bits
      4. Deleted and recreated from Emotion the Z99 "Status" device from the Connection tab.

      Now our machine is running perfectly again with Emotion connecting. We don't know for sure which combination of those above actions fixed the issue or whether indeed it was some other trivial change that we didn't bother noting or whether it had anything at all to do with the installation of dodgey software - but we're back!