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HomeSeer is open and operational this week. All orders are being processed and shipped as usual. However, some staff are working from home. If you need to contact HomeSeer for support or customer service, please use our Email or Chat options.
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Emotion v1.7.5 Released

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  • Emotion v1.7.5 Released

    What's new in version 1.7.5?
    • This release includes an HTML5/iPhone/iPad/Android Web application interface showing the HomeSeer/Emotion Log scrolling and updating in real-time (see image below). If viewed from an iPhone or other iOS device, this may be viewed full-screen by clicking the "Add to Home Screen" button from Safari. This app has been tested working on Android, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but unfortunately does not currently work with Internet Explorer which is still playing catch-up with HTML5. The Emotion web interface may be accessed by browsing to the emotion.aspx page on your HomeSeer system (e.g.
    • Included the French Language XML file. Although this has previously been available through the forums, this was never packaged with a release through the HomeSeer Updater.
    • Minor bug fixes

    Three bugs were identified in this release as part of regression testing on the web interface. These bugs will be fixed in later versions:
    1. The web interface will not work if the HomeSeer default username is blocked for the Local subnet. However, the web interface may be accessed remotely (e.g. over 3G) using a separate HomeSeer Web User account
    2. The name "Emotion Log" appears on the web page which doesn't update if Emotion's name is changed on the Personalisation tab on the Emotion desktop app. A temporary workaround would be to edit the emotion.aspx text file and replace the text "Emotion Log" with that of your choosing.
    3. Only one instance of the Emotion web app can be accessed at any given time when hosted on the HomeSeer Web Service (default installation). More than one instance (or if a previous instance hasn't finished closing down) will result in a temporary white screen of death. A workaround is to host the Emotion web interface on IIS or other web server by copying the files in the HomeSeer HS2\html and bin folders
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