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Emotion v2 - What to expect - Released!

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  • Emotion v2 - What to expect - Released!

    Emotion 1 (Background)
    • Emotion speaks to people in the home by name
    • It also sends SMS text messages to greet them as they arrive and to thank them and wish them a safe journey when they go
    • It can also phone you up and speak to you
    • Emotion knows who is who and who is about by picking up the unique short range Bluetooth signals from mobile phones. Not only are these signals unique to each mobile phone, so it knows who is who, but also Bluetooth has a short range of only a few meters, so it knows when people come and go
    • Emotion is mainly used as an entertainment device with its compliments, motivational pep-talks and gossip announcements
    • But Emotion can also be used as a security device, either by linking into your existing alarm system or in its own right
    • Emotion can be set to monitor a number of specific areas and warn of area breaches by using speech, text message or phone call depending on configurable circumstances. Emotion detects the presence of trusted individuals to help make a judgement on false alarms that unfortunately make up the majority of alarm triggers in homes today
    • Emotion can be serious with security yet friendly with people. In fact, Emotion can be in many emotional states to various extents. These are expressed in the announcements that it gives
    • Emotion also has a computer interface for configuration purposes and to monitor what's going on

    Emotion 2 NEW
    • Emotion 2 includes a new HTML5 web-based application interface
    • The Emotion 2 interface runs on iPhones, iPads, iPods, on Macs and PC's under Safari and on PC's and Android mobiles/tablets with Chrome
    • The iOS mobile interface application has a full-screen graphical display with smooth scrolling gesture controls
    • A combined Emotion and HomeSeer log updates in real-time which is colour coded based on event type
    • Devices around the home may be controlled from this graphical interface by touch gestures and the status of people known to Emotion can also be viewed

    A preview of Emotion 2 can be seen by navigating to the web address below from one of the above supported devices or browsers (live system):
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    I get: your browser does not support server side events



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      Hi Tenholde,

      Yep, you need to use one of the browsers/devices listed as these have implemented this HTML5 feature. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (I'm guessing that's what you're using) hasn't yet implemented all of HTML5 W3C standards in their latest release. If you're running on Android, you'll need to install the "Google Chrome browser for Android" (currently in Beta).

      Released versions of Chrome and Safari on PC/iOS/Mac work with Emotion as they use the same WebKit engine. The WebKit version in the latest Chrome is slightly newer than Safari on Mac/PC/iOS, but in our tests, we can't see the difference (renders EXACTLY the same)

      Server Sent Events is a method of sending information from a webserver directly to a client at any time it wishes without the client having to continuously poll for updates. No page refreshes, better power consumption, etc. This works on the integrated webserver that comes as part of HomeSeer 2.x, although it runs much better on IIS with multiple simultaneous connections (this link above is running on Windows 7 IIS).
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        Friday 1st June 2012

        Emotion v2 (will be released on Friday 1st June 2012) released as of 31st May 2012, containing its new iOS compatible interface running on iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 5.x or on Android 4.x devices (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Google Chrome installed.

        This new interface runs full-screen on iOS devices, rendered per device and screen orientation and uses gesture controls for navigation with smooth animation.

        Access to this interface is also available via Google Chrome or Safari. Limited functionality is also currently available via Firefox.

        Important Note: No functionality is available at all in Internet Explorer. This is because they have still yet to implement many of the HTML5 standards in IE9

        Emotion v2 Documentation here:

        Due to Adobe announcing in October 2011 that it will no longer be developing Moblie Flash and Microsoft no longer developing Silverlight, Lailey Ltd. have made the decision to use HTML5 W3C native compliant code for the Emotion presentation layer for cross-platform support for HS3 when it arrives. We were unable to test IE 10 as this beta is currently only available for Windows 8 at time of writing. It is unlikely that Microsoft IE10 will be natively released for Linux, although current versions of Safari and Chrome for Linux both work with Emotion v2 and we're hoping to get full support for Firefox shortly.
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