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Emotion v2.0.0.7 released

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  • Emotion v2.0.0.7 released

    Emotion v2.0.0.7 contains completed enhancements that did not make it into the v2.0 release cycle as well as minor bug fixes:
    • Added support for Chromebook
    • Fixed .NET exception characterised by red cross at bottom of desktop app
    • Added RFXCOM plugin support (AC-RF2 already supported)
    • Fixed "Log all Device Events" option not being remembered after application restart
    • Added orange text to warnings in web app (as well as red for errors)
    • Fixed Poke for messages without text to just say hello
    • Added support for users wishing to use a .NET 4.0.x based IIS Application Pool to support more than 11 simultaneous connections under Windows 7.
    • Added further additional colours to web app log for occasional messages that deserve significance
    • Made web app log more robust under multiple connection scenarios - following on from publishing our internal URL to the public!
    • "Hide from views" option now available for devices on the status screen (useful for devices that update every few seconds and hence update their last update time, etc. to mobile devices over potentially slow 3G networks impacting user experience)
    • Implemented better order of devices shown in Status screen on web app (ordered by Floor, Location, Type, Device Code)
    • Fixed devices on Status screen will now no longer be displayed if "hide from devices" option is set
    • The Pause button on the Log web app will now pause updates to the devices and settings screens
    • Removed unnecessary Edit button on Settings screen
    • "Add to home screen" balloon on iOS devices now defaults to Emotion as shortcut name
    • Added Full Screen button to desktop browser interface
    • Made visual improvements to Android ICS Chrome interface
    • Made visual/functional improvements to Firefox interface (although Firefox isn't fully supported yet)
    • Fixed Poke Messages so that they may be sent when Enter is pressed

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    great, just a suggestion for the next release, a user selectable delay between switching the " is speaking" setting on ( z98) and starting speaking, sometimes my script that i have watching z98 to turn on the auto patch to route the audio isnt fast enough and the 1st word or so is cut off
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting


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      Hi Collegeboyslive - sure we'll put that in - Emotion
      Last edited by Emotion; June 24th, 2012, 05:35 PM.


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        Hi Collegeboyslive,

        I've just re-read your requirement and the functionality is already in Emotion!

        If you look at the screenshot below, setting any value in the "Receive Ready for Speech Code" will force Emotion to stay quiet until it receives either an on or off code from that device (i.e. Z92 On or Off will make Emotion start speaking).

        However, this also makes active the box below "Ready for Speech timeout". Now, since the default setting is 0 seconds, this timeout is reached immediately, so Emotion speaks immediately. However, setting this value to, say, 2 seconds will cause Emotion to speak exactly 2 seconds after it has sent the "Speaking ON Device Code" (unless it receives a Z92 first).

        In this example, Z92 doesn't even need to be set-up as a device in HomeSeer if you don't want to, and then just wait until the timeout you've specified is reached. You can put decimals in this box (i.e. 0.4 seconds) if you like.
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          oh excellent, thanks
          detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting


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            Emotion v2.0.0.7

            Hi, I need your help. I purchased Emotion plugin but did not appear in the list of installed plug-in is for HS2pro. Did I do something else?


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              Hi fleon,

              Not sure what's going on here. Just to clarify, Emotion runs on Windows only at present and the plug-in should appear in the list. Prior to that, you should have been prompted to go through the install routine (click next, etc.)

              Please let me know if you saw this?


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                No chance of this being ported to hs3?


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                    Thank you very much for your help, and I managed to appear in the list of Plug-in. Now I have to investigate how it Works.