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  • Alert on arival

    Hi, just noticed that you can notify people if they are in the house, but if they are not in the house, clicking on them on my iPad doesn't do anything.

    Would it be possible to do something like send an alert or something when they arrive at the house so that I could be notified, for example, when my cleaner comes to the house?

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    Hi DigitalSpanner,

    Yeah, sure we can do that (or something similar).

    You're saying that on the iPhone interface (Android whatever) for a user to click on somebody who's not entertaining and for it to produce a dialog where you put in a number (say) to text when they arrive?
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      Yes that's the sort of thing I was thinking of except having a drop-down list of names rather than having to type-in a mobile number since Emotion already contains everybodies number anyway.

      Also, would it be possible to mark a particular user since they may not have their phone bluetooth registered and for emotion to greet them anyway when they come in by detecting movement?


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        Hi DigitalSpanner,

        Yes it would make more sense from a security perspective too if only those users registered within the Emotion system could receive notification that somebody else had arrived at the premises.

        With regard to your other point, I'm not entirely sure what you mean? Are you suggesting to create a different sort of user - one that doesn't have Bluetooth or other proximity device registered with Emotion that when "primed" will announce when they arrive based on the entrance movement triggers being activated?