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HS3 version of Emotion?

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  • HS3 version of Emotion?

    Hi there,
    I had been running emotion on HS2 for a while, and now that I've moved to HS3 I was curious if there is any word on a version of Emotion for HS3?


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    Hi Nikku,

    There is a new version of Emotion - Version 3 which is an extensive update where the entire user interface now runs within a touch enabled HTML5 browser (iOS/Android/Win8.1). This is to enable it to run on Linux and Windows HS machines.

    We have been using v3 internally for a few months but don't see any demand to release it for general sale.



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      Ah, thanks for the info. Guessing it'll be released later on once it's gone through its testing and such?


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        Hi Nikku,

        Emotion 3 has finished regression testing and has been stable sine December 2013. We will either keep it as an internal solution or recompile it for another platform other than HomeSeer.

        Times change.