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    Welcome to HAControl

    What started out as an easy way for me to change the look and feel of my custom interface has evolved into a very unique front end to HomeSeer. I would now like to invite you to take a look at what can be done with about 20,000 lines of code!

    Introducing HAControl! A customizable graphical interface front end for use with HomeSeer automation software. Simply fill in the forms and let HAControl do the rest!

    Features Included:
    * Very customizable! Display what you want on each page.
    * Runs in your web browser. Use it from any computer that can connect to your network!
    * Setup using your web browser. No need to go through INI files looking for the right setting!
    * Completely skinable!
    * Import your own graphics!
    * Display only the devices you want per room!
    * Display the rooms graphically! Supports both BLFloorplan* and UltraView2*.
    * Supports up to 16 rooms!
    * Setup events per room!
    * Ability to embed pages!
    * Insteon Friendly!
    * Run multiple touch screens without effecting what the others are doing/seeing!

    Modules Included:
    * Home Page – Displays a general info screen. Place just about anything you like on this screen!
    * Device Pages – Display each room as devices or as a graphical floor plan*!
    * Embed Pages – Embed just about any page into HAControl!
    * IR Control – Control your external IR components, XM Radio, Stereo Tuners and more!
    * Miscellaneous – A common place to display or embed any information you like! Sports scores, horoscope ... anything you like.
    * Music – Access all your music from within HAControl! Supports BLMediaPlayer*, HomeSeer Media Player*, and more!
    * Security – Access all your security devices easily with this graphical display! Also compatible with BLSecurity*.
    * Scenes – Easily place all your scenes in one convenient display!
    * Weather – Display all your weather data and maps! Comes with script to scrap maps from your favorite weather site.

    Additional Modules
    HAControl is always growing! Check out all of the additional modules here. Including HAC Mobile, HAControl for your smart phone!

    Never have to purchase additional modules!
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    Software/Hardware: Win10 Pro, HS 3 Pro, HS Touch, Echo, Edgeport/4, Z-Net w/88 Devices, Insteon PLM w/19 Devices, Nest, GC-100-6, W800RF32A, WS-2080 Weather Station (KMADRACU10)
    Plug-in/Scripts: Alexa API, BLBackup, BLGData, BLLED, BLLock, BLRF, BLTVGuide, Blue Iris, BLUPS, Current Cost 3P, DirectTV, FitbitSeer, Insteon, Nest, Pushover 3P, Random, Restart, Tasker, UltraGCIR3, UltraWeatherWU, Z-Wave