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HAControl F.A.Q.

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    HAControl F.A.Q.

    Q) How do I start the trial?
    A) Scripts are a little different than plug-ins when it comes to starting the trial. You don't have to enable or 'click' to enable the trial. The first time you run the HAControl.ash file, you will see in your log that the trial has started and how many days are left. There is a 30 day trial with this script.

    Q) Every time the page refreshes it displays in the log that it's a trial and how many days are left!
    A) The trial notice will show up with each page refresh until the package is purchased and activated. This is something I can't do anything about. But it is a nice reminder (over and over and ...) to purchase if you like it!

    Q) What does HAControl Cost?
    A) HAControl only costs $35.00 complete with no additional modules to purchase! Any and all additional modules are included in the initial cost.

    Q) OK, I've purchased, now how do I activate HAControl?
    A) Once purchased, HAControl can be activated by using the following steps:
    1. Within HomeSeer, Click on 'Tools'
    2. Click on 'Licenses'
    3. Click on 'Show All Licenses'
    4. Scroll to bottom, Click on 'Online'
    5. Enter in your License ID and Password
    6. That's it! Thank you for purchasing HAControl!

    Q) Where can I find additional graphics?
    A) Visit for Graphic Packs and Templates to make your own! Template graphics are in PhotoShop (psd) format. If you would like to share your custom Graphic Pack, TechHA will gladly host your files for free, so everyone can enjoy!

    Q) I think I found a bug, what should I do?
    A) As with any package, bugs will show up from time to time. Especially since I'm not a professional programmer! To report a bug you can start a new thread in the HAControl forum or send me a private message. Either way is just fine. I just ask that before you start a new thread, please check the History page on my website to see if this is already being addressed.
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