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Webcams - How do you view them? (poll)

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    Webcams - How do you view them? (poll)

    I want to start working on the next free module, HAC_Cams. So my question is, How do you view your cameras!? I personally use Active Webcam, so embedding this into HAC would be very easy.

    If your software is not listed please let me know what it is you use.

    Active Webcam
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    Cameras are not something I've put a lot of effort into yet. All the cameras here are of the CCTV type sent to modulators for viewing on any TV. I did install a IPvideo server that allows me to give them a web address and view from a browser as well but that's as far as I've gone with it. I know I'm going to have to give them some thought in the coming months. I just haven't figured out what to do with them yet. I'm sure it's going to be an expensive project, maybe I'm avoiding the topic.
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    Playing with HS3 a bit but it's just play at this point.


      I tried WebCamXP a while back, but it ate all the CPU in my machine. I have since given up on cams, but could sure use a nudge to get back into it.
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        I have a camera machine but no cameras... however my camera machine can do 16 cameras at once..

        unfortunately proprietary software has made it where I do not know what to do..

        it is

        Digiop G2 S-120 CCTV system...
        I would love to figure out how to get it to integrate...

        From this pdf..

        Manipulation and alteration of recorded images are impossible as DigiOpG2 uses Proprietary
        Conventional systems use a standardized storage method which allows access to stored information.
        DigiOpG2 uses proprietary authentication to protect files from unauthorized manipulation and alteration,
        assuring that video is in fact authentic. All images saved in DigiOpG2 can only be accessed and viewed
        via its own software, DigiOpG2 Viewer.
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          I am at present running 7 cameras on a linux PC using Zoneminder, it makes building a custom html page easy to view them..



            I have Panasonic Net Cams and simply view them thru the software and IP addresses I setup for the CAMs. I have never tried to view them thru any other program.


              I also have 4 panasonic IP cams. I use the CGI urls provided directly in several ways, and also movement detection using software package.

              Urls directly used to display in mainlobby screens, or capture 3x still images and 30secs clip when HS movement sensors triggered in front and rear yard. Also the cams can be steered and viewed directly via internal web server in each one.

              Software for movement detection and other cams and web video sources is crazypixels campermanent. This also drops images and clips into the homeseer html directory so they can be accessed remotely through the HS webserver and used by Weatherdisplay software for weather cam images etc.




                I use Webcam32...


                  Originally posted by rmasonjr View Post
                  I tried WebCamXP a while back, but it ate all the CPU in my machine. I have since given up on cams, but could sure use a nudge to get back into it.
                  The newer version "webcamXP lite" uses very little CPU.

                  Steve Q
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                    Originally posted by jeffcharger View Post
                    i use webcam32...



                      (ducks and hides under the table...)


                        I have axis Net Cams and simply view them thru the software and IP addresses I setup for the CAMs


                          Using the Hauppauge Capture software.



                            I have used both WebCamXP and ActiveWebcam in the past, but I finally purchased some IP Cameras that do most everything for me, so I no longer need them.
                            Both Applications worked rather well, but used a lot of resources (especially Active Webcam). I originally started with just webcams, later went to a mix of fixed (no pan/scan) IP cameras and 2.4GHz cameras (baby monitor in a teddy bear) connected via RCA-to-USB dongle (after having problems with a 4-input PCI card). I never had the reliability I wanted, and ActiveWebcam, which was what I used most recently, would get really bogged down recording video in response to motion, often to the point of crashing. At this time I was using 6 D-Link DCS-900 IP Cameras plus the one wireless/RC A-to-USB dongle camera.
                            After my last move, I purchased two D-Link DCS-5220 802.11G wireless Pan & Scan IP Cameras. These cameras have a rather robust feature set and have negated the need for me to have a separate server monitoring them.
                            - The pan and scan feature lets one camera cover the area of 2 or 3 fixed cameras.
                            - The motion sensing features are great, with assignable zones and sensitivity levels that work reliably.
                            - Based on motion the cameras can FTP both audio/video and still pictures to my NAS, web host or both.
                            - The web server comes with a rather nice ActiveX control that allows easy pan/scan, snapshot and recording capabilities that can easily be incorporated into a web page.
                            - All my pics and videos are safely stored on my NAS (used to store them offsite, but ran out of space too fast).
                            These cameras were not cheap, I think just under $300 each, but they were worth it.
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