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HAControl 1.0.20 now in the updater!

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    HAControl 1.0.20 now in the updater!

    Announcing the release of HAControl 1.0.20.

    Ver. 1.0.20 - 04/06/2009 - Fixed Room09 not displaying correctly. <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=155></TD><TD>- Added options to General Setup for optional modules.
    - Added optional items to about page.
    - Added Setup support for optional modules to display with the rest of the setup files.
    - Cleaned up some code in the Music module.

    Be sure to redownload the optional modules to get the benefits of the added setup support.

    Thanks for using HAControl!
    Software/Hardware: Win10 Pro, HS 3 Pro, HS Touch, Echo, Edgeport/4, Z-Net w/88 Devices, Insteon PLM w/19 Devices, Nest, GC-100-6, W800RF32A, WS-2080 Weather Station (KMADRACU10)
    Plug-in/Scripts: Alexa API, BLBackup, BLGData, BLLED, BLLock, BLRF, BLTVGuide, Blue Iris, BLUPS, Current Cost 3P, DirectTV, FitbitSeer, Insteon, Nest, Pushover 3P, Random, Restart, Tasker, UltraGCIR3, UltraWeatherWU, Z-Wave