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Hauppauge OCX

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  • Hauppauge OCX

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    This is a snippet of the code I used with my Hauppauge PCITV and the Happauge .Ocx, to have a picture taken when someone rings at the front door.
    The image is modulated to a channel to be seen anywhere in the house.
    Set WinTV = CreateObject("hcwWinTVControl.hcwWinTVocx")
    WinTV.Enabled = True
    WinTV.Width = 640
    Wintv.Height = 480
    WinTV.AspectRatio = HcwTVAspectRatio_On

    'select TV chanel
    WinTV.Channel = 1
    WinTV.Frequency = 266.250
    WinTV.TuneFormat = &H4
    WinTV.VideoSourceByType = 0
    WinTV.TuneSource = 1
    WinTV.TuneCountry = 33
    WinTV.VideoFormat = &H2
    hs.waitsecs 1

    'takes the picture
    WinTV.SaveToDiskEx hs.GetAppPath &"\html\prov.jpg", 2, , &H40,70

    You will have to change most of the settings to match your country/tuner settings.

    The ocx is NOT working with Hauppauge PVR boards... (!)

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